Account Manager

Account Manager

Job Overview
Job Order:JO000083057
Date Posted:Mar 20
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Start Date:Dec 17

An innovative boutique marketing/food brokerage company is looking for an individual to join their team in the position of Account Manager. To start, this position would include but, not be limited to: management of accounts, inside sales and sales analysis, and various forms of support to the overall organization and team.

This position calls for the following:

  • Outstanding communication skills – both written and verbal (extensive email involved, management of conference calls, etc…)
  • Ability to build and maintain fruitful professional relationships with clients (genuine personality, razzle dazzle)
  • Ability to manage multi-faceted projects
  • Attention to detail
  • Prior experience within an office environment (not necessarily within the “Food Brokerage industry”; however- they DO NOT want to be the candidate’s first “real” job out of school).

The compensation package for the Account Manager position is as follows:

  • Salary: The position is a full time position starting anywhere from $50,000 - $65,000 annually, based on experience. Payroll is run twice per month on the 15th and 30th/31st. All employment is on an At-Will basis and starts with a customary 90-day probationary period. Throughout the 90-day probationary period, they can, without cause or warning, terminate employment.
  • Benefits: They will make all medical, dental, and vision insurance benefits available to Account Manager after 90 days of employment. They pay a 50% contribution to individual medical coverage. They will make enrollment in their 401K Plan available with the next eligible open enrollment period. They match up to 4% of annual salary to your 401K each year. The details of this program will be explained separately.
  • Vacation: Account Manager will receive 10 days of paid vacation and 5 days for illness/personal matters annually (based on a calendar year). Vacation time is “use it or lose it” and there is no rollover of days to the following calendar year allowed.
  • Expenses: They will pay for the cost of phone/email device (Blackberry or iPhone) for professional use. Account Manager will receive $130 per month to cover the monthly cost of service. They also pay a fuel allowance to help offset the cost of commuting of $100 a month. Finally, they make membership to the adjacent Kinetic Fitness available at $39 per month. Travel and expense form to be filled out by the close of each month and the check will be mailed no later than the 5th after the close of the month.

Eastridge Workforce Solutions is an equal opportunity employer.


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